Claoner Wall mounted Solar Lights Outdoor with 3 Working Modes. Solar Wall Lights with 270 degrees Wide Angle Wireless IP65 Waterproof Motion Sensor Security Lights for outdoor, garage, or yard. Wall-mounted solar lights outdoor convert solar energy into electricity by absorbing sunlight. This light does not require electricity and is only charged by sunlight to provide more light than other lamps to lighten the surroundings of the house.

Claoner wall mounted solar lights outdoor are ideal security and solar lights to keep check around your house. Wall-mounted lights consist of a waterproof motion sensor and are capable to encounter severe weather throughout the whole year.

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Wall mounted solar lights

  • Manufacturer: Cloaner
  • Source of Power: Solar
  • 01 Lithium-ion Battery
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Modern
  • Installation Place: Wall-mounted
  • Switch Mode: 3-way switch with instant On
  • Fast Solar Charging during the daytime.
  • Automatic lighting in the dark at night
  • Consists of a Waterproof Motion sensor
  • Ideal and effective in severe weather.
  • Wide area coverage.
  • Weight: 2.88 Pounds
  • Volts: 177 – Watt. 1.77 W
  • ASIN: B08GWR6Y7K

wall mounted solar lights
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About Wall Mounted Solar Lights

  • These lights can easily be mounted onto wall or fences as well as patios or sheds of a house to illuminate the outdoor area.
  • 270 ° wide angle illuminates wide area sorroundings. The PIR motion inductor in the lights provides motion sensitivity upto 12-20 feet with a 120 degrees detection angle. Each lighting time is approximately 20 seconds and can be extended by 20 seconds if detected again. Claoner outdoor solar light is stronger and more efficient than others in the market.
  • Cloaner solar lights consist of highly efficient solar panels. These lamps use a monocrystalline silicon solar panel design. The charging speed is faster during the day and illuminates the area for a long time at night.
  • These lamps are made of strong ABS material and their waterproof design prevents water from entering the lamps. These lamps are suitable for all bad weather and are capable to provide a lighted environment.
  • These lights have 3 optional lighting modes. 1. Normally in on mode (preferably in medium light); 2. From low light to high light sensor mode (stays on peak for 20 seconds when motion is detected); 3. No light in high beam sensor mode (highlights for about 20 seconds when motion is detected).
  • To save electricity while illuminating yard and sorroundings of the house, these solar lights are the best choice. Other electricity lamps and lights consume electricity which burdened your pocket; however, once you installed these lights you save bill expenses. So this is the best choice for yard and outdoor to keep them bright at night.
  • Electric Bulbs and lights cause wastage of money while solar energy lights and bulbs save your money and minimize the expenses which arises in the form of utility charges.