SUP Kayak Hybrid – Aqua Marina Kayak Cascade Hybrid- Inflatable Kayak Package 11 feet and 2 Inches. This kayak will make your journey adventurous and memorable. Kayaking is fun and this product makes your fun memorable and adventurous. Being an Amazon affiliate, we offer Kayak for outdoor recreation to our valued visitors. We also offer pelican fishing kayak for our valued visitors.

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81vI mdz L. AC SL1500


  • Item weight: 13 Kilograms
  • Material: Pvc
  • Colour: Navy, Grey, Red
  • ASIN: ‎B08LJBYZ53

SUP Kayak is designed to make your trip more memorable and full of adventure on lake and ocean sides.

SUP kayak hybrid

About: SUP Kayak Hybrid – aqua marina kayak

  • With double mesh and adjustable bungee cord, ideal for carrying all equipment and supplies.
  • Two-chamber structure, tactically designed for the SUP kayak switch, creating a stationary hill and cockpit.
  • Full built-in diamond-grooved crocodile leather EVA cushion for comfortable travel in either iSUP or kayak
  • The design of the easily adjustable kayak spray skirt allows for comfortable equipment
  • Built-in super-fast self-compressing drain valve design.
SUp kayak hybrid

Description: SUP Kayak Hybrid

With the new cascade, adventures in nature will be simple and fascinating, combining the fun of kayaking and standing and paddling at a table. With a width of 89 cm, a thickness of 20 cm and a maximum volume, this Sup kayak Hybrid is very stable and suitable for both rowers who want to play with their families and those who want to bring extra equipment for long-term adventures. The cockpit’s unique design, combined with the exclusively covered mudguard, allows it to be used as a top-seated kayak as a high-speed kayak,

while the surface is completely covered by Eva Diamond Slip and for a comfortable rowing position. Cascade is made with Drop Stitch Light technology and is excellent to maneuver while being incredibly tough. This valuable, multifunctional kayak comes with a truly complete set of accessories, including a double ribbed steering system, a double loading net, and a seat with a detachable backrest.

The package also includes: new strong backpack with zipper, safety bracelet, new double-acting Pump Liquid Air V1 with impact-resistant pressure gauge for easier and faster inflation, two-way intermediate rib, detachable seat, telescopic bucket, detachable 2 1 dual Tech, and leg cover Removable, waterproof.

SUP kayak hybrid

To make your day touring memorable and good, you need this kayak for discovering waters of lakes and rivers in a best way.