Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress. It is an Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress to get relief from back pain and gives good comfortable sleep. If you are tired of substandard and poor quality costly mattresses, then you are on the right place to say bye bye to these mattresses. This mattress is an ideal budgetary product.

When you buy this queen size mattress, you not only bring comfort to your life but also save money. A good quality and perfect budgetary mattress for comfort and sleep. This mattresss is designed with 3 zone layers to keep your body aling while sleeping and gives relief from neck, shoulder and back pain.

Now you can sleep stress free thorughout the night and with no pain in the back. Enjoy your life by purchasing budgetary infused gel memory foam mattress. Make this foam mattress part of your life and let your dreams come true with good sleep. Try not to waste your cash and time by going behind the unsatisfactory and low quality items; simply get this magical mattress to acquire solace life.

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  • Size of mattress: Queen, King, King 3 oprions.
  • Brnad of mttress: Sweetnight
  • Foam construction mattress.
  • Item Firmness: medium
  • Weight of Mattress: 63 ponds.
  • Style and size: 10 inch
  • A good quality budgetary product for good sleep.

To have good sleep and uninterruptible comfort, bring this mattress in your bedroom and enjoy your life. Gel memory foam mattress is best product for back pain relief and bring comfort in life.

queen size mattress
memory foam mattress
queen size mattress
queen size mattress

About: queen size mattress-memory foam mattress

  • This queen mattress has been disenged by adopting the latest sleep technology to improve your sleep problem with infused gel that regulates temperature automatically.
  • The mattress are desinged using new technology that provide cooling for a comfortable and good sleep.
  • These are desinged with thre zone layers that target different places of stress points in your body and keeps your body aling properly.
  • These gel memory foam mattress gives relief from back pain and keep you cool from being hot while sleeping.
  • This product supports your full body while relieving pressure.
  • This mattress gives you tireless sleep.
  • This mattress is made of Certipur which is US Certified foam and no harmful substances are used while its manufacturing.
  • Its covers are made of breathable Rayon cotton fabric blend for luxurious elegance. Its top layer consists of 1.97 inches Gel Infused memory foam which is adjustable to your body tgemperature and weight. The middle layer consists of 3.94 inches zoned air-flow, open-cell comfort foam. This ventilated foam provides balanced support.
  • This queen size foam mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty, 30 day free return policy, and 24 hour after service support for complete satisfaction of the customers.
  • This mattress is packed and shipped to your door. Easy to move and shift from one place to other.

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