Multifunctional Closet Organizer hangers pack of 6 are modern space-saving hangers having 9 Holes Closet Storage Organization for Wardrobe Clothes, Pants, Shirts, Coats and dresses. It is the best home essential item that can be used by saying bye-bye to space covering wardrobe in the home.

People living in small houses, apartments and rooms are facing storage difficulties and they want more space in their houses and bedrooms. This multifunctional closet organizer has solved their problem and is the best choice even if you are living in a big house & spacious room or flat. Now the time has come to get rid of messy and bulky wardrobes and almirahs by using this amazing and space-saving product.

If you want to make your closet beautiful and smart with coverage of low space, then the closet organizer hangers are the best choice for you to make your closet and wardrobe smart and good-looking. A good quality environment-friendly pp material is used for its production.

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Multifunctional Closet Organizer

  • Material used Polypropylene, Plastic & Cotton.
  • Brand Name: Heyhouse
  • Size & dimension: 17.52″ x 4.45″ x 3.82″
  • Weight: 1.09 Pounds
  • Good Quality Material is used to make its hook hard and durable.
  • It is usable in vertical and horizontal directions.

Good quality and durable space-saving hanger to hang your clothes, dresses, and Pant Coats.

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multifunctional closet organizer
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About Multifunctional Closet Organizer hangers

  • Multifunctional Closet Organizer has been designed to save space in wardrobe. It can be used vertically or horizontally to hang clothes and keep them wrinkle free. It has 9 square holes which are designed to keep clothes and dresses ventilated and not to mess them. You can hang 9 clothes on a hanger and easily can get rid of messy and crowded wardrobes in the home to save space.
  • Its hook can easily rotate upto 360° to have various closet rods. Its stacker can also rotate upto 360 degrees because of which clothes dry rapidly. 360-degree built in slide rail buckle of the closet organizer can fix the movable hook. This is a space saving hanger to hung clothes and dresses horizontally or vertically whichever direction you want.
  • Environment friendly PP material used in it.
  • It can hold heavy clothes easily because of its durablity and this hanger is not easily breakable.
  • These hangers are best option to hang heavy winter coats and clothes etc. Its edges are smooth and safe and protects your clothes and apparels.
  • When you buy this product, it comes with 6 x Magic Hanger Organizer. Each size: 13* 6.7 inches. Weight: 68 g / each
  • Closet Organizer hangers are too smart to save space and are the best choice for your bedroom and home.
  • The multifunctional clothes organizer is a unique item for clothes and apparels in a home or bedroom.

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