Auburn Henna Hair Dye and Beard Color / Dye 100 Grams. Chemicals Free Hair Color. Henna hair dyes are made with plant-based ingredients like Henna, Indigo, Amla, and False Daisy. Finest quality ingredients are used and every ingredient is fresh for optimal results.

We offer the best of the beauty and personal care products including hair color root touch up and this item is one of them to give you a greater look. Never compromise your personal care at any cost by spending money on low-quality and substandard products.

Auburn Henna Hair dye

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  • Color: Auburn
  • Brand: The Henna Guys
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Hair Type: Chemically-treated-hair
  • Material Type Free
  • Ammonia free, pesticide-free, peroxide-free
  • Basic Instructions: Prepare a mixture using warm tap water, Apply Evenly on Hair, Wait for a minimum of 2 Hrs, Rinse it out. Detailed Instructions: Detailed & step by step instructions will be included with your order.

About: Auburn Henna Hair dye

  • This product is mixture of Pure Henna & Indigo and also includes Natural herbs i.e Amla Powder, False Daisy and Neem Powder. No Fillers, No Dilutions, No Paraben, No Alcohol, No Fragrance, No Additives. The Highest Premium Grade
  • 100 grams, 3.53 Oz Powder.
  • Aluminum Foil Bag airtight pack. when you buy it comes with a pair of gloves, application instructions and shower cap.
  • Its shade has been prepared to cover your gray and light colored hair. This hair dye cannot Lighten your Dark Hair Color.
  • This dye is not affect on black hair.
  • This is a chemical-free product and color developers that are needed to change the color dark hair.
  • Natural Alternative: to chemical Hair Dyes, Zero Chemicals, Zero Metallic Salts.
  • Good quality products are never compromised and your personal care is our top priority.
Auburn Henna Hair dye

Description: Auburn Henna Hair Dye

This natural, raw, vegan, and gluten-free henna hair dye is a heavenly gift for people who are sensitive to chemicals or for someone who likes away with chemical hair dyes.

When it comes to henna, there are plenty of brands out there. However, quality and integrity are what set us apart.

What makes Our Henna Hair Dye Unique

  • Fresh batch for strong and potent stain
  • Use this Premium Quality only instead of others.
  • You will get Basic Application Kit with this product.
  • Instructions are included in the package.

Get this good quality Auburn henna hair dye for your hair care and never compromise your personal care at any cost.